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This is part of the char journey;

Transfer to and from helicopter base 





Any paddle equipment

The whimsical char to say the least, which can sometimes make emotions overflow and melancholy take over. But when char fishing works, you quickly forget these thoughts.  To access the char, we head west and the Norwegian border in the middle of the Scandinavian mountain range. In this barren and sterile environment high up in the mountains, this fish thrives best.


The fishing paradise in this landscape looks quite dramatic with steep mountains and deep valleys. We fish the char either in ponds / lakes and or flowing watercourses. When you go on a pure char fishing, you must be aware that it can be tough. The char is, as I said, a little psychotic and can simply refuse to eat for many days if it is in that mood. Personally, I have stopped fishing for char many times in my life.

At least 5 days and four nets are recommended for this fishing.

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