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Our travel packages


We at Fishing Well have many years of experience of fly fishing and spin fishing in different parts of the world. Our goal is to provide a unique experience in untouched nature and mountain environment with minimal congestion at the fishing water.


We tailor your dream fishing trip in the Kiruna mountains and the surrounding area but also other parts of the country according to your wishes.

Regardless of whether you are an experienced angler or want to try fly fishing for the first time, we adapt to your wishes.


If you want to try this fantastic hobby and do not have the equipment, you can of course rent equipment from us.

Of course we give throw instructions during our travels.


We usually fly our customers out by helicopter. We cooperate with Kallaxflyg, which means that you get out to the fishing place with the highest possible safety in modern helicopters.

Of course we also offer road fishing or hiking out to the fishing water.

The Swedish Lapland mountains have an extremely large number of lakes, ponds and watercourses, so there is still a chance to find your unique unfished dream water with our help.


Many fishing waters are very far away from mobile networks, but we provide satellite telephony on all trips for your safety. 


On many of our trips we also have boats and paddles with us for large parts of the water system.

Food is an important part of your stay in the wilderness. You choose if you want to fix the jaw yourself or have it served by us.


To experience combative wild fish in undeveloped waters, Relaxation in untouched wilderness next to the river noise, Or the silence of a mountain lake surrounded by steep mountains and deep valleys.

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