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We are Fishing Well

We at Fishing Well have many years of experience in fly fishing and spin fishing in different parts of the world. Our goal is to provide a unique experience in untouched nature and mountain environment with minimal congestion at the fishing water. We tailor your dream fishing trip in the Kiruna mountains and the surrounding area but also other parts of the country according to your wishes.  

The Swedish Lapland mountains have an extremely large number of lakes, ponds and watercourses, so there is still a chance to find your unique unfished dream water with our help. Many fishing waters are very far away from mobile networks, but we provide satellite telephony on all trips for your safety. 

Håkan Söderqvist

Educated and certified within the Fjälledar norm. Gladly rains in Kalix and

Torneälven. Then preferably early in the season during the spring flood.

Fished in the Kiruna mountains for over 30 years. Worked professionally as a guide for 20 years.

Has fly fishing as his main interest but also fully masters spin.

Grayling, trout and char are of course close to the heart, but  Salmon is undoubtedly the highest priced fish. Then preferably blank salmon during J uni month. Scooter and peek pimping after char on the spring ice is something that is hot  about the heart.

A cut of brewed coffee.


Victor Anetoft

Dedicated angler since childhood who wants to broaden the views all the time.

Fishes mainly trout and salmon on Trolling, Spinn and Fluga.


Fished in the Kiruna mountains frequently for 10 years. Fishes both fly and spin.

There is nothing better than the silence that ensues  when the Helicopter dropped off at a stream to the mountains.

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