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Salmon fishing!


What is included in the price;

Transfer to and from Helicopter Base


Paddle equipment



Join a trip to the Salmon Kingdom and experience world-class fishing. The average weight during the season is just over 10 kg. In the Torneälven river flows, the salmon begin their migration in June to prepare for the upcoming spawning. We have extensive experience along these waters and know where the best stretches and pools are.  Between the different fishing spots and the fights we move with rubber cannons. Or sometimes we choose to stay in the same place during the whole fishing.


It depends on how many days you have to be out. We camp literally one meter from the river and can thus hear when new steps come through the tent canvas. The rapids we paddle through are not particularly combative or require a lot of experience in rapids paddling. We have paddled the distances for many years so we know the river before and by heart.

If you get tired of fishing with two hands, there is an abundance of grayling, but also real coarse trout, if you now want a little variety in fishing.

A minimum of four nights and five fishing days is recommended.

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