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Grayling fishing!

What yesterday in the price is the following;

Transfer round trip Kiruna Flp or Train Station


Tent equipment

Boats + Radio equipment

Helicopter return


Welcome to Harrmekka!

We mostly fish for grayling up on the Tundra or Sandåslandet, as it is also called in everyday life.

You are welcome here, regardless of whether you fish fly or spin. Here we explore rivers, jocks and lakes in our hunt for the great grayling. If there is anywhere in our elongated country where you have the highest chance of landing a two-kilo grayling, it is here. The landscape is endless and magnificent with grayling in almost all watercourses. Here the wilderness is reminded no matter where you turn or turn. In the running watercourses you often have the opportunity to sight fish grayling, which gives the experience that little extra spice.

We recommend at least four nights and five fishing days for this adventure. Then you can choose whether you want to lie still on a basecamp or paddle an inflatable boat to new places. No matter what you choose, we guarantee experiences and memories for life.

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